Review: Caddyshackers Crazy Golf Bar

Celebrating its second birthday this month, Caddyshackers still feels just as fresh as when it first opened back in 2018. With new COVID-19 measures in place, the crazy golf bar off Granby Street is a fun night out that makes a change from your usual evening at the pub.

A bit unassuming on the outside, once you’re through the graffiti-covered door and up the stairs a world of Instagram-ready neon and concrete awaits. Each of the 18 holes has its theme and it’s clear that they’re dedicated to the wacky experience of crazy golf, from putting across a beach on the 2nd hole to a zombie apocalypse waiting for you at the 15th. 

At the moment they’re encouraging table service but, if you don’t mind slipping your mask up and down, you are free to carry your drinks around the course with you. And the drinks are one of the perks of the place (they won’t put you out of pocket at only £6.50 either). They’ve placed their spin on classics so don’t worry if you can’t find your favourite Pornstar Martini–Who’s Your Caddie? is just as good and it comes with sweets on top. Plus, if you want to stay sober so you can focus on winning then the mocktails are 2 quid cheaper and just as quirky.

There’s food too and (although we didn’t try it) it comes from the East Street Lanes kitchen, where you can bowl on a budget if a round of golf isn’t enough. On offer are a range of burgers, sharing platters and pizza. Bear in mind though, whilst the drinks are cheap and cheery, the food (especially if you’re vegan) can be on the pricey side.

Speaking of prices, for students a round of golf is £6 and they’re always running offers and sometimes even student nights. Drinks are cheaper if you can provide a valid Student ID too–they haven’t missed a trick when it comes to catering for a city with two universities.

Whilst there wasn’t a huge crowd when we went (teeing off at 6.30pm), it was still lively and the later it gets the busier it gets–great for atmosphere, less great for being rushed around the course. There are tables for loitering while you wait for the group ahead of you to finish, but not quite the relaxed stroll around you might be hoping for.

Still, that just leaves longer for you to drink and eat afterwards, or try your hand at some of the arcade games they’ve got around the venue.

And, when you do finish (after escaping the zombie apocalypse, having a sh*tty time on hole 12 and skating to, fingers crossed, a hole-in-one on 17) the podium is there waiting for you. A bit of competition between housemates is never a bad thing and once the STEM students among you have counted up the score (or, you know, used a calculator) you can take your place ready to be celebrated. I sadly came third but, hey, there’s always next time.

We’ll definitely be returning to Caddyshackers and you should try it out, if you haven’t already, just make sure to get there before their last tee off time. 

Caddyshackers is open 3pm until 10pm Monday to Friday and 11am until 10pm on the weekend. It becomes an 18+ venue after 7pm. For booking and more information, visit the website. Please note that our attendance was gifted, however, this is in no way a paid post or advertisement.

Rhiannon Jenkins is a final year English student passionate about activism, film & literature and travel. She also acts as Arts & Culture Chief Editor. You can find her on Instagram here: @rrhiannonj.

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