Let’s Explore Leicester – Takeaway Edition

Written by Alice Warburton

Let’s not pretend. We’re all students here, and we are to takeaways what chargers are to phones: essential. Right now, having tonnes of time to cook at home is a positive but every so often, wanting – no, needing a change, an occasional curry or pizza is just what’s called for and, happily, we’re supporting our local businesses too. 

On that note, here are three great takeaway choices to try in Leicester:

(Leicester Mercury)

Fireaway Pizza

Yes, I know we all love a Dominoes and Pizza Hut – but don’t you just get a little tired of them? They’re mainstream for a reason so it’s never a bad thing to step out of the box and try something new, something delicious, something extraordinary: Fireaway Pizza.

You might already know about this smaller gem if you’re from around London, but our Midlands and northern readers might not, so let me enlighten you.

Handmade dough, hundreds of toppings, and one very very hot pizza oven later, you are looking at a delicious takeaway pizza that prides itself on true taste and a very fast service. Did I mention that Deliveroo currently has a 25% discount on too? No matter where you live, in Halls or private accommodation, Fireaway can deliver with locations both in Oadby and the Town centre.



If you’ve ever been part of a society, chances are you’ve been to Nawaaz. They’re famous among students for their delicious curries and satisfying prices. However, this year sadly due to ‘Miss Rona’, socials have been stopped, meaning a new batch of students might never know the joy that comes with getting a Nawaaz.

Luckily I can tell you it’s located on London Road, literally just outside of Leicester University, and delivers via Deliveroo. From delectable bhuna, to all types of masala, this is a great place to enjoy a cheap curry. Did I also mention the number of freebies that they give you? You’re certain to receive at least some free food, from poppadum’s to naan breads. Student heaven!


You’ve eaten your main meal, stopped yourself from delivering and used up the last ingredients in your fridge. Suddenly, you get a craving for a super sweet taste. What to do? Order from Chocoberry of course.

This delightful dessert establishment means their delicious options get the respect they deserve! From macaroons to cheesecake to cookie dough, this is the place of dreams. Located in Evington. You can order on Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats! A personal favourite of mine has to be the cookie dough – delectable. Sometimes, there is nothing better than a dessert delivery to brighten your day.

Photo accessed at https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/leicester-news/dessert-restaurant-chocoberry-opening-former-3125034

Try to order from a smaller business through lockdown to support your community.

Alice Warburton is a final year English student from Newcastle. She acts as Chief Editor for Opinion, and also works as a Residential Adviser for city living. You can find her on instagram here: @alicewarburton27

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