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November thoughts

Written by Elena Vague

I scrolled passed my album 

on the cell phone device. 

The date – twenty nineteen 

flashback about those times, 

no restraints and a freedom sense 

contained in our routine process. 

Complaints about monotonous clock 

Asking if that is all we got? 

But the album screamed: it was enough! 

until the date of March twenty twenty. 

Dull background, covered lips, 

distancing from you like a stranger.

No emotions to read in our faces 

nor a moment to cherish. 

Like a staged show, we pose  

mask on, two metres away. 

Walls still stand tall and still- 

no changes around you or me. 

Now, in November, still the same year, 

Reality grasp – mixed with a lust 

to escape a tasteless lifestyle. 

Promising myself remarkable things 

once the barrier is defeated-  

yet no awareness of the growth within.

The focus on opportunities that are taken, 

browsing the upcoming news 

while so much is remaining. 

Time is so precious to share,  

not the most affectionate way, 

but at least I can show you: I care.

I feel grateful in the light moments  

for health, and heroes in service 

preventing and fighting an ugly death. 

Photo cannot catch twenty twenty at all 

too many faces and stories out there 

with their own personal brawl.

Elena Vague is a first year Psychology student with interest for in literature and creative writing. You can find her on Instagram here: @elena.vague

Photo by Vladyslav Dukhin from Pexels