Leicester University accommodation raided by police

Written by Emily Herbert

On the morning of Halloween, the student accommodation block ‘Kilby’ at Oadby student village was raided by police officers.

Jack Tee, a student at Leicester university, who is staying in Kilby, said:

“We were woken by loud banging on our doors at 5.30 am. It was the police asking to search our rooms, they said they were looking for a man.”

The search came after an incident where a male student had both knees dislocated, by a man who was seen to run into the Kilby accommodation.

Liam Richards, a fellow student, who was sleeping in the flat next door to Jack at the time of the police raid said:

“It certainly affected me for a day or two after almost like PTSD due to the loud and forceful banging.”

Liam added: “I was in shock and it left me shaking for the rest of the day […] it’s something I won’t forget.”

The approach the police took to search the building had mixed views from students.

Jack said: “They didn’t pressure me once I was up, so it wasn’t as startling as it could have been.

“However, I was stunned for the rest of the day having been woken up so early, but it didn’t affect me mentally.”

But Liam said: “They could have been gentler, I understand it is their job, but it would have been nice to be more informed of the situation, especially since I have heard nothing.

“Being told ‘we are looking for someone in your building’ is scary!”

The search took half an hour, and by 8am the police had left the student village.

The Leicestershire Police were contacted about the incident, but they declined to comment.

Emily Herbert is a first-year student of Journalism at the University of Leicester, with further aspirations of pursuing a career in TV. You can find her on Instagram @emilykateherbert

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