Lockdown: Leicester University’s Attenborough Arts Centre to deliver online content

Written by Max Ashforth

Leicester’s Attenborough Arts Centre (AAC) is looking to deliver an online service to satisfy customer demand throughout lockdown.

Following Government guidelines, after briefly reopening, the centre was forced to close again to ensure that safety of all visitors was not put at risk.

Adam Unwin, marketing officer at the Attenborough Arts Centre, said: “When we were allowed to open, the numbers were down massively because people did not feel safe.”

To allow for theatre to continue to grow and people to enjoy this, digital access has become a necessity and is something that the AAC have integrated accordingly.

Studio Attenborough is a new initiative to be launched by the AAC, allowing visitors to access regular content from their homes.

Adam said: “It’s a new platform to deliver and produce digital content, for purpose of delivering art to the public in a safe and accessible way.”

Although online delivery is not the preferred method for paying customers, it is necessary until people can safely return and feel comfortable to do so.

He added: “On average during that period where things were open, the numbers were at 25% of what they were last year.”

The AAC caters for all, regardless of disability or impairments, which makes it particularly important for them to ensure that those who are vulnerable are being kept safe.

Despite the frustration of not being able to open, the AAC have managed to make use of being closed. For example, enhancing their own digital marketing campaign and social media networking.

Max Ashforth is a first-year journalism student first year with aspirations to pursue a career in journalism. You can find him on instagram @Max_Ashforth.

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