University of Leicester students fearful ‘Christmas Bubble’ will lead to lockdown

Written by Charlie Jackson

The government has announced that people in the United Kingdom can form a ‘Christmas bubble’, allowing them to be with their friends and family for the festive period, between the 23rd and 27th of December.

Leading students to fear that this could prevent their return to university accommodation. As Emily Herbert, a first-year student at the University of Leicester, states:

“I think cases will rapidly rise because students are travelling all around the country. Another lockdown will be likely in January.”

The government have defended this policy by stating that it is an important time for many people of all faiths to come together over the holidays although, it has faced criticism from many MPs.

However, many university students believe this is a risky move by the government, that could result in a massive spike in cases. They believe they might not be allowed to return to University after the New Year.

Another student at the University of Leicester, Aleisha Hartsilver, said: “I think it’s a bad idea as people are going to meet their families regardless, so it would make more sense to spread out the time, otherwise there is going to be a rush of travelling and mingling.

“It’s pretty likely that there will be another lockdown after Christmas, which could potentially leave us stuck at home.”

Despite the unlikeliness of students, like Aleisha, being able to return to University when they want to after the New Year, she remains hopeful.

When asked about the government’s ‘Christmas bubble’ plans, Amber Lowe, another first-year student currently at the University of Leicester, said:

“It makes the government’s rules seem pointless when they’re just getting rid of them for five days.”   

 Charlie Jackson is a first-year journalism student. He can be found on instagram @_charliejackson.

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