Written by Sokaina Jamraki

Painting my fences black
my only familiar world order is dismantled
and the breezes of air are the only flow I follow

Back to the day when I used to be a blind believer
with no one demanding why and how
with an oblivious heart but a balmy mind
now, a feared painter

Stepping on growing asters,
dusting me with sagacity
‘Oh my asters, Zeus fooled my beloved Metis.
A man, the world, and his outwitting mannerism.
My fearful comeback, his broken kingdom gate, but was loneliness in her vision too?’
and the waters of the river Triton,
feed my broken lips
as they remind me of my birth,
gold out of black sands,
dancing out of devilish minds with armed veins and victorious eyes,
taming the misbelief of the bad omens,
bringing hope in exiled hearts,
being cursed and loved by Roman poets,
learning the arts of unknown worlds,
burning fears in lawful soldiers’ minds,
discrediting misogynistic beliefs,
being banned from my home and vanished among strangers.

Their immoral and ruthless trial made my soul unlawful
haunted as the last witch
spell bounded to forget
and the awakening is complete I thank the waters
and follow the violet dusted path behind cosmic olive trees
gold in my veins as I paint in black
from the moon to the sun to my whole
with a chaotic mind but veracious thoughts
I now loudly say ‘Athena, no longer lost and forever found’.

Sokaina Jamraki, 22, is a MA Museum Studies student, and activist with a passion for creative writing and performing arts. Most of her writings refer to historical and/or fictional characters, but they are all very diaristic.

Image by Quinsey Sablan, from Unsplash.

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