My lord

Written by Sokaina Jamraki

Flipping my head from right to left
as I wake up breathless to my insomniac mind
7 months of hearing my echoes in exile at night
cause my lord, why is freedom such a sin and a chalice of life?
the burden of the fools like me trying to balance both
as we get buried every night
and reborn every morning
being the godly and the sinful angels vanished to temporal alleys
cause my lord, why only two ways? Please, tell me there is a third
at war with our thoughts but at least deeply true to ourselves
as I turn around to hypnotized forgotten souls as they catch their 7 am train
running for meaningless arrivals and praying for more
cause my lord, why was I so lucky but so damned?

It hurts.

But the Nile is devilishly beautiful at night.

Sokaina Jamraki, 22, is a MA Museum Studies student, and activist with a passion for creative writing and performing arts. Most of her writings refer to historical and/or fictional characters, but they are all very diaristic.

Image by Chau Cedric, from Unsplash.

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