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i wrote a love poem

sometimes i lie, in the dim light of sunrise

just perceiving you, barely believing

you, heavy breathing and guileless dreaming,

haven’t yet awoken and realised

that this probably isn’t worth your time

and it’s inevitable you’ll leave me behind.

as i lie in the arms of my angel, i ponder

that a painted face, a painted smile of mine

has never fooled you, you’re too divine.

you collided straight into my heart and soul,

saw my weakness, flaws, troubles and all

just as i saw yours, and despite it all, we fall.

you stir in your sleep and i sigh,

catching the slightest glimpse of your eyes,

those eyes that seem to mirror mine and

that can beam with so much love and

so much hate, depending on the day.

god i hope that you never go away.

i don’t think you will, i don’t think you’ll stray

despite all the wicked games that we play,

heartbreak and pain, lies and rejection

all begin to feel more like divine redirection

when we’re two halves completing a whole

twin flames dancing atop of tear-stained coal.

Ella Johnson is a final year English student with a passion for politics, pop culture and the digital world. She acts as Lifestyle Chief Editor and 21/22 President. You can find her on Instagram here

Feature image taken by @ellajohnson8