Top 10 cutest walking areas to visit in Leicester

Written by Beth Walsh

Valentine might be over, but we sure hope romance isn’t!

Even though we may be in lockdown during Valentine’s day and not take our date to a nice restaurant that doesn’t mean that your plans are ruined. Going outside and breathing fresh air is essential during these challenging times, so here are the top 10 cutest open areas in Leicester to take your partner on.

1. Victoria Park

The most obvious and nicest places in Leicester is Victoria Park. It is an excellent and peaceful place to take your Valentine’s. And if you would rather go with other couples, this is a perfect place to be.

2. Aylestone Meadows Local Nature Reserve

This beautiful location is a nice rendezvous for a romantic walk. Filled with wildlife and natural beauty, this is sure to make up for a fancy restaurant.

3. Bradgate Park

Bradgate Park is a nice area to have a lovely walk with your partner and sit down and have a pleasant picnic with your Valentine. Filled with dear and old ruins, this beautiful piece of land is a great place to spend the 14th of February.

4. Brocks Hill Country Park

Filled with woodlands, meadows, ponds and a community orchard, Brocks Hill Country Park is another great place to spend your day. Its wildlife is rich and beautiful, and definitely a place to take your Valentine!

5. Watermead Country Park

Filled with more of an aquatic wildlife, Watermead is located next to a large pond in Leicester. It’s a fantastic place for a nice stroll in peace and quiet.

6. Abbey Park

Abbey Park is a beautiful and stunning space. Here you can hire a boat to take your Valentine on and sail down the river for a pleasurable and romantic time.

7. University of Leicester Botanic Garden

Most likelya known location to all university students, the Botanic Garden is marvellous and pleasant. It has a vast array of plants, all exceptionally beautiful and captivating. It’s quiet and a perfect place to relax and have an enjoyable time with your Valentine.

8. Swithland Wood and The Brand

This location passes through fields and woods and is filled with wildlife. If you wish for some peaceful and silent moments, this place is definitely the one! This wide ranged area is a nice location whether there be sun or rain.

9. Humberstone Park

Humberstone Park is on the outskirts of Leicester and is a small and quiet place to walk round. Filled with fauna and flora, its trails lead off into woods and over streams.

10. King Lears Lake

King Lears Lake is a good way to spend your day out of the city! It’s peaceful and relaxing aura is a perfect way to spend some precious moments with your Valentine!

Bethany Walsh is a first-year Modern Languages student at the University of Leicester with a deep love for cats, books and music . She is interested in philosophy, history and the origins of languages

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