‘Uncontrollable sobbing while simultaneously eating Ben and Jerry’s’ – A Lockdown Diary

Written by Trinity Barnatt

Day 1: A lot of crying, I’m going to miss my boyfriend. How am I going to cope without him? My mums going to drive me crazy. There’s no end to this lockdown.

Day 2: Stayed in bed all day, binged greys anatomy. Maybe i can substitute my boyfriend for sexy fictional doctors? 

Day 3: Still no work, was hoping on shifts at McDonald’s to keep me busy so this lockdown will go faster. Can’t keep it all of my mind, only on day 3, god how am I going to do this? 

Day 4: Spent way too much money online shopping for organisation stuff.

Day 5: Officially flexi-furloughed, at least I don’t have to worry about money. Hope I’ll get some shifts next week I’m bored already.

Day 6: Giving off original lockdown vibes with baking low fat cookies bc we going to glow in 2021. 

UPDATE low fat cookies suck!

Day 7: my organisation stuff came! A neatly organiseddrawer is orgasmic. Is it weird that was really fun? God I need to get out 

Day 8: Did a bit of exercise, nagged my brother about not getting up until 4pm and doing his school work. 

Later reconsidered the pros of sleeping in until 4pm

Day 9: My muscles are killing me! I thought exercise was supposed to be good for you?! 

Still no work, low fat cookies still suck, still missing my boyfriend

Day 10: decided to reorganise the kitchen cupboards, definitely need to get out more. 

Day 11: I GOT WORK SHIFTS ! So relieved to get out of the house soon.

Day 12: Uni started uploading lectures, suddenly not so bored. 

Day 13: Just realised I’ve watched 3 seasons of greysanatomy in a week…oops. Sexy doctors still making me feel less lonely.

Day 14: Got to go to work, it was good to be busy. My feet hurt now though.

Day 15: 10am lectures will be the death of me. So tired. Missing my boyfriend a lot. Got teary on FaceTime with him earlier.

Day 16: How many cheat days can u have in a row until you’re no longer dieting?

Day 17: Went to work today, was a disaster running on reduced staff. 

Just read that the lockdown could last until summer! I can’t cope with that!

Day 18: I’m done scaring myself with news, one day at a time.

Day 19: R rate below 1 – is the end is sight? 

Day 20: SNOW

Day 21: News today is claiming they’ll be months more of lockdown !!! I can’t cope. I feel so trapped.

Days 21: News today says Boris is planning an exit started from lockdown! The news may have been wrong yesterday, and there is hope.

Day 22: I can do this. just a few more weeks. 

Day 23: Boris extended lockdown until 8th of March. Still no exit plan. Feeling hopeless and alone. 

Day 24: Maybe a few more weeks won’t be so bad. I’ll just keep busy with work and uni. I’ll be fine.

Day 25: OMG Christmas was only a month ago? feels like forever ago!

Day 26: *cries*

Day 27: Imagine lockdown without Netflix, or YouTube or… *in a hushed voice and wide eyes* …. without takeaways 

Day 28: I think I gained back all the weight I lost, but comfort eating is now a survival technique.

Day 29: What day is it? 

​     Monday?

​     …. Of what month again?

Day 30: * Uncontrollable sobbing while simultaneously eating Ben and Jerry’s *

Trinity Barnatt is a first year English student at University of Leicester, originally from Bourne, Lincolnshire. You can find her on Instagram : @trinity_b._

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