Vice Chancellor won’t take pay cut to £250K salary, despite cutting jobs at Leicester University.

Written by Toby Cray

The Vice Chancellor has said that he will not consider taking a pay cut to his salary of £250K, even after putting 145 jobs at risk.

This revelation came during a meeting with the Students Against Redundancy group, on 24 February.

Rhiannon Jenkins (3rd year year, English), who was at the meeting, stated:

“While the University of Leicester target staff members’ livelihoods, the VC’s refusal to even consider a pay cut shows a new height of disrespect and lack of solidarity. “

This comes as the Leicester UCU branch are holding an indicative ballot on industrial action this week.

Rhiannon added: “Vice Chancellors at other unis – Imperial and Bristol for example – have agreed to temporary pay cuts in support of staff and students, so it’s not an unprecedented step.”

A University of Leicester spokesperson stated: “The proposed programme of change is not driven by financial savings; it focuses on the University’s long-term future and strategy.

“We want to continue to be a leading research-intensive university, one that provides an exceptional educational experience for all students and staff, now and in the future.

“Cuts to senior team’s pay would not deliver the outcome required for the long term sustainability of the University.”

The university has faced widespread criticism over their handling of the job cuts in recent weeks.

The Vice Chancellor held a Q&A on the 24 February with staff, leading to the Leicester UCU branch casting doubt on his future, posting on Twitter:

“And it’s all over. I suspect it might be for @NCanagarajah… maybe not quite yet. But it’s hard to believe he’ll survive as vice-chancellor for much longer.”

Toby Cray is a second-year journalism student at the University of Leicester. You can find him on Instagram here: @toby5.c

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