SU Elections: “I want to make sure that my policies that I come up with actually represent the student body”

Written by Max Ashforth

AnneMarie Deeb, Forensic Science student at the University of Leicester, is campaigning for the position of Education Officer.

From her already obtained bachelor’s degree in Communications, she has thoroughly enjoyed the process of marketing herself for this position as well as speaking to a whole range of new and different people.

This same love of speaking to people has contributed to her desire to fulfil student wishes to the best of her ability: “I want to make sure that my policies that I come up with actually represent the student body and what the students want.”

“I have actually been many different types of students, I’ve been part time, full time, distance, in person, postgraduate, undergraduate. So personally, I had, I have quite a lot of experience in education. I’ve seen it from all sides.”

She has used her know-how to conclude that the best option, moving forward, is for learning to be a blended of both remote and in-person teaching.

“Just because I think we should not ask questions as to why people don’t like to go into campus because it may be personal. And I know, I’m feeling emotions, I’m feeling various different types of feelings from COVID. And sometimes I can’t, I might not be able to go to campus, I might not feel comfortable going into campus with a large group of students, whereas other students might feel comfortable going into campus.”

After coming to Leicester as an International student on an exchange programme, New-Yorker AnneMarie realised that she had unfinished business in Leicester and opted to come back.

“I’m just obsessed with the city, the people, the culture, the University, the climate.”

The experience of helping others in previous election campaigns provided her with the knowledge of how to run a campaign and she decided that this time she would run by herself.

Her volunteering work with The Value Youth Project has given her a good prior understanding of what is required for working within education and helping others. 

Another change that she wishes to enforce is the addition of a second personal tutor for students.

“Some students have a good relationship with their personal tutor, but they felt that there was a barrier due to personal beliefs or, for example, their sexual orientation, they just didn’t feel comfortable. And while personal tutors are supposed to be there for you, for your education, they’re also supposed to be there for you to make sure you’re okay and to check how you’re handling University.”

In a time student’s mental health has undoubtedly been adversely affected by the pandemic, it is crucial that wellbeing is being monitored and having a second personal tutor will maximise the likelihood of this being done comprehensively.

The other candidates running for the role are Nagendiran Ramasubbu, Edwin Gallego, and Ravi Kiran G. You can find Edwin Gallego and Ravi Kiran’s interviews on our website.

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