SU Elections: “I’ll be able to communicate with academic departments and bring tangible solutions.”

Written by Grace Robinson

Ravi Kiran is running for Education Officer in this year’s Student’s Union (SU) election. Ravi is a MSc student in Data Analysis for Business Intelligence, He has previously studied at Durham University too and has worked as a Skill Development Faculty Coach. We spoke to Ravi to see why he thinks you should vote for him to be next years Education Officer

Education Officer is one of the most important roles when it comes to the Executive Officers as student’s need someone who can understand a wide range of issues any students can face. Ravi has “worked with the education department, over the last five years I have trained over 10,000 students and I was a Skill Admin Trainer” highlighting his commitment to students and their education.

Ravi’s first point on his manifesto is “To ensure that constructive feedback and assessment of course representatives are addressed without delays sand train them with adequate skills to perform their roles pragmatically. When asked to how he plans to improve feedback from course representatives, Ravi explained that “I am a course representative in my MSCI programme, I’ve seen the online education and unlike my classroom experience in the UK has taken a lot on the quality of teaching and we students are struggling a lot so being one among them I’ll be able understand their problems I’ll be able to communicate with that academic department and bring tangible solutions.”

Ravi’s second point is that he want to, “based on your suggestions, working with the academic departments to ensure that the course content is fresh and updated for prospective employment.” Employment prospects are important to every student at University so when ask which departments does Ravi plan to prioritise for employment prospects? Ravi answered with “Unlike other universities abroad where they have a tie with their companies it is missing here”

Further in Ravi’s manifesto, he mentions making sure that students’ are “provided with safe and hygienic learning spaces” and Ravi want to “work with other departments as well for health and hygiene and the other departments that are a risk concern.” And further explained that “ library spaces that are widely used by students and once the transitions happens from the online setting to the classroom and make sure that the place is clean and maintained”

Academic issues of both local and international students is another point on Ravi’s manifestio which he plans to make sure are “addressed without any bias at all levels” by  seeing “if they resolve themselves and if they can’t and if it’s a genuine issues, I am willing to take it to the committee and see the ways we can solve it”

Internships and summer programmes are something all University students look for when looking to expand their CV and employability. Ravi hopes to “bring more industrial connections, so that students will have more on campus placement and internship opportunities” and when we asked how he plans to do this he said there has to “be more focus on those who have an industry module as they’ve chosen specifically” and that he wants “four to five strategy partners in each industry.”  

With our previous Education Officer bringing Decolonisation of the Curriculum in full force is important to make sure we elect someone who will carry on that legacy. Ravi has  “spoken to Adnan and I’ve gotten a brief from him on what is happening. Lots of students from liberation groups may be inequal in terms of grades with the local students and British Nationals students. There may be an imbalance because of a mistake or small reasons but we want to make sure that oppression groups are considered.”

The other candidates running for the role are Nagendiran Ramasubbu, Anne Marie Deeb, and Edwin Gallego. You can find Anne Marie and Edwin Gallego‘s interviews on our website.

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