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Two students poisoned by mould spores in University of Leicester accomodation

Written by Toby Cray

Two students have been poisoned by mould spores in their Southmeade court accomodation at the University of Leicester.

Louise Manley posted a twitter thread on 7 March accusing the university of ignoring problems of black mould within their flats.

She posted: “Two students, including myself have had mouldspore poisoning from mould in our showers and common areas”

Louise Manley is part of the UoL rent strike group which has been calling for the university to put well being before profit.

Louise added: “Multiple flats are having to be moved due to black mould. But it does(n)t just stop at the rooms. It is everywhere”

Continuing: “The university is aware of this but has chosen to ignore the problems.

“I have already moved rooms and I am still suffering because it’s all over the building.”

Louise’s flat has had other issues, she posted: “(my shower) has the wrong paint on it. The rust is from insufficient materials used in renovating. It can cause tetanus and blood poison”

She addad: “Stagnant water came flowing out last night where a bucket left under it by a cleaner over filled and poured out.

“Luckily the men who turned up called a plumber but the water stank like sewage.”

A spokesperson for the University of Leicester has said:

“The university seeks to maintain a high standard in university-managed accommodation, and we recommend students raise any issues directly with the Accommodation Team in order to provide support.

“In this case, we have already offered residents a room transfer at no extra cost while we address any concerns and we will continue to reach out to them to address the issue.”

Complaints regarding accomodation can be sent to

Maintenance requests or complaints can be filled out on out the university website

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