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We all know who Amazon is and how a lot of our lives revolve around the ever-growing company. If you’re like me and want to find places to buy books from that are not Amazon or owned by them, then here are some recommendations from a book-buying addict.

Category is Books

Pro: This is an indie Queer bookshop based in Glasgow. They sell a wide range of LGBTQ+ books. All you have to do is email them with a book title you want to buy, and they aim to get back to you within 48 hours. If you’re looking for recommendations or like a monthly book subscription, email them!

Con: There isn’t any 

You can buy books from Category is Books  here

Pro: is a great place to go for buying books as you’re supporting local indie bookshops. I have purchased from them numerous times. You can create a wishlist like you can on Amazon and even make it public and hope someone fuels your book-buying habits.

Con: When trying to buy books, I’ve found that some books are temporarily out of stock, and you have to wait before you can get the book.

Here can buy books from here

World of Books

Pro: World of Books is a great place to buy second-hand books for a low price. They have a wide range of genres from fiction and non-fiction to rare and unique books. They also sell Vinly so if you’re looking to add to your collection.

Con: You might not be able to find some books but that’s rare.

You can buy books from World of Books here


Pro: Blackwells is another excellent site to buy books. I’ve been using them recently, and everything has come in great condition. They have many books and are also helpful for students who want to buy textbooks. Bonus, they also sell stationary!

Cons: There aren’t any I can think of

You can buy books from Blackwells here


Pro: Last but not least is Waterstones. Waterstones is a staple bookshop all around the UK. They have some great books on offer, and there seems to be a sale now and then. They also offer 10% student discounts which is also a bonus for us poor students.

Con: Whenever I’ve tried to find some books Waterstones hasn’t sold them.

You can buy from Waterstones here

Hopefully, this will help when buying books in the future. Just a reminder, if you are not in the position to buy from anywhere other than Amazon don’t worry; people aren’t in a position to make compromises.  

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Grace Robinson is a first-year English Student. She is passionate about feminism, politics and society. You can find her on instagram: @grace.lizz12

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