Covid: University of Leicester’s Attenborough Arts Centre goes digital.

Written by Rash Nokoe

The University of Leicester’s Attenborough Arts Centre has seen the Coronavirus pandemic impact its culture and finances.

AAC marketing officer Adam Unwin said: “Without a digital platform we would have found it difficult to cope during the pandemic.

The pandemic has meant the AAC has been closed for the majority of an eight-month period.

Adam added: “Things are still developing and progressing at the AAC. From digital galleries to new nurture art networks, our creative programmes are still allowing us to offer our consumers a high-quality service.

“Amongst this we are still developing ourselves into a commissioner house.”

The AAC must ensure it meets its sponsors demands, offering the public an education on arts and maintaining its popularity.

Adam said: “Having many sponsors means we have lots to attend to. Whether that be audiences or sponsor demands, we have had to use our digital platform to do this.

“We’ve used methods such as social media advertising to ensure we continue to keep hold of our consumers and grow nationally.”

The University of Leicester mostly funds the AAC, to support little-known artists.

With digital galleries being accessible to the public, the AAC is ensuring it sticks to its promise, giving new artists a chance to showcase their emotion and thought in their unique pieces of art.

Founded by Richard Attenborough, the AAC continues to lead by example even during a pandemic, being the first Arts Centre of its kind.

When the pandemic settles, AAC hopes to re-open and resume centre and gallery visits, with hopes of the creative programme growing further and the new nurture art network expanding.

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