Let’s Explore Leicester: Coffee Edition

Written by Julia Goralska

Coffee is a morning’s must for many of us. We drink it every day, and sometimes even several times a day, especially after sleepless nights or during days full of studying. If just like me, you can’t imagine a day without coffee, I have something for you! Below are the three best coffee choices in Leicester:

Brü Coffee & Gelato

Named one of Leicester’s best coffee shops (Tripadvisor), the coffee and drinks range in unmatched and Bru only serves their Bru Blend speciality coffee, which is 100% Arabica beans ethically sourced from Brazil, El Salvador and India. Bru Coffee is a perfect choice for those who prefer a lighter coffee. Offering an all-day menu from breakfast, lunch and tasty desserts, Bru is Leicester’s ONLY coffee and dessert house open from early morning to late night (7.30 am to 11pm). Want a waffle and ice cream for breakfast? Not a problem!

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St Martin’s Coffee Shop

Is there anything better than the speciality coffee and freshly baked cake consumed in the light and airy environment? St Martin’s coffee beans are provided by Allpress Espresso – the company which air roast their coffee beans. As a result, they are more aromatic, well-balanced roasted and free of bitter-tasting. The mixture of beans sourced from Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, and Sumatra in combination with a perfect St Martins coffee recipe creates a fruity, well balanced… basically, perfect coffee. This coffee tastes neither strong/offensive as lighter. But wait, do you fancy lighter, smoother or darker coffee? St Martins sells various type of coffee beans. I’m sure that their lovely baristas will help you to make the best choice for your personal taste. 

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Photos accessed at https://www.stmartinscoffeeshop.co.uk/home

Tim Hortons

Need a quick coffee during shopping in Highcross? Are you in a hurry? Go for Tim Hortons! I strongly recommend Tim Hortons for those of you who do not need a climatic place to have a cup of coffee and relax for a bit. The coffee taste is good – not too strong or bitter, but don’t stand out among the cafés as the previous two do. However, it is a much better choice than Café Nero or Starbucks. If you decide to pop there down, do not forget to try Tim Hortons’ Canadian doughnuts. They are delicious. Especially consider trying an Apple Fritter – an excellent choice that goes perfectly with coffee.

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Photo accessed at https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/whats-on/food-drink/leicester-restaurant-tim-hortons-re-3806167

Julia Goralska is a third-year Management and Spanish language student at the University of Leicester and also a founder of UoL’s British Royal Family Society

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