Written by Laura Lees

So, this is how it ends,

From strangers, to friends, to lovers and back again.

We are both restless souls, but my heart beats in distant city lights,

Suburbia, soft sirens. Yours yearns for the open fields,

Starry skies and quiet sunsets.

Your arms held me when I broke for the first time,

Everything else had collapsed and so I clung to you,

I know it was selfish, but I was just trying to stay afloat.

Now in your sleep, you’re the one clinging to me, kiss my temple and pull me closer,

Tell me, were you more afraid of me falling from your bed or falling for you?

We will grow and move, our identities will die with the sun at the end of each day,

But you are so settled in your ways and I am still trying to escape mine.

What would we be like in five years? Would you still recognise me?

Would you still feel like home to me?

Fearful of change, I am frozen in time,

Stuck in a city I fell out of love with when I was sixteen,

Reckless with my heart, you have known more homes than I ever will.

I let you go more times than I can count but it always ends the same,

Arms wrapped around me, pull me closer,

Let me dream of starry skies one last time.

Laura is a final year BA English student and resident of South Leicester. She enjoys poetry, local news and reading.

Feature image by LSM member @ellajohnson8

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