REVIEW: Turtle Bay Leicester

Turtle Bay, the Caribbean beach-shack inspired restaurant, invited us to try out their newest range of Autumn cocktails. Situated in the Highcross restaurant area, Turtle Bay is the place to go for Caribbean food and drinks. The atmosphere at the venue was amazing, and we enjoyed the night with friendly staff and great music.

Of course, the most important part is the cocktails. I had the Jamaican Wake Me Up that included Tia Maria, vanilla, coconut and cold brew coffee. It may not be a particularly strong drink but I always enjoy cocktails where you can’t taste the alcohol, so I was very happy with my choice. I would recommend the cocktails to anyone who loves rum as their go-to spirit, as Turtle Bay offers a very large range of rum-based cocktails.

(L-R) Pineapple Daiquiris, Kingston Solero and Jamaican Wake Me Up

Editor Picks

Emily had the Kingston Solero and gave it “a solid 7/10” – “It was good, quite strong and had a punch of coconut and vanilla coming through.” However, some improvements that could be made are the “glass sizing as it was bit small and there was a lot of ice in the glass” and, of course, more ice means less drink.

Iona was slightly more generous, giving the “pretty solid” Kingston Solero an 8/10.

Ella had the Pineapple Daquiri which she gave an 8/10 because it was “very strong (which is a good thing) and a fun take on a classic” but loses marks for being “unfortunately small.”

Harry also had the Pineapple Daiquiri which he considers a 7/10. Harry says that the cocktail “tasted great” but for the menu price, he would “expect something a little more special, especially in terms of presentation.”

Max gave the Montego Bae an 8/10. He found it “the perfect blend between being fruity and strong enough” and that it would make a “great pre-drink on a night out.”

The only drawback I had was the size of the glass in relation to the menu price of the cocktail. The glasses felt a little small considering you’re paying £9 for a single cocktail in most cases. If we had known about the times for happy hour, we would’ve been able to get more for our money.

So, our single piece of advice for other students is to make sure to visit Turtle Bay during happy hour. Between 10am-7pm every day and after 9:30pm Sunday-Thursday (after 10pm at the weekend), you get 2 for 1 cocktails, so far more for the price.

Turtle Bay is a great night out if you’re looking for somewhere that’s a bit fancier than your local Spoons. However, this is a place where cocktails can be on the pricier side, so make sure have some pres before you go out – or double check the times for Happy Hour before you go.

Grace Robinson is a second-year English Student. She is passionate about feminism, politics and Society. You can find her on instagram: @grace.lizz12

Images provided by @ellajohnson8

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