Leicester nightclubs come under scrutiny over spiking

Nightclubs and bars in Leicester have come under scrutiny after increasing reports of spiking, particularly via injection.

Firebug was the first club in Leicester to release a statement addressing students’ concerns about spiking.

A representative for the ‘Big Night In Leicester’ group reacted to Firebug’s social media statement, saying: “They have come up with a step-by-step process and they have shown a complete attitude change towards the situation.

“They are looking at getting more trained staff and training their staff, as well as hiring them in for specific purposes such as to look after people.”

Firebug’s statement on Instagram.

Revolution and Walkabout both released statements to LSM detailing their approach, whilst Mosh released a statement on social media. Club Republic are yet to respond to LSM and are yet to release any statement on social media.

The culture surrounding nightlife, and how venues deal with vulnerable people has come under scrutiny, after reports of spiking by injection in nightclubs reached national press.

The ‘Big Night In Leicester’ representative, stated: “A lot of times it’s a girl who is getting thrown out by security because she’s come across as too drunk, they’re not taking into consideration that something might have actually happened to her.

“It is the general attitude of these places, not having first aiders or medical officers, who is there to look after vulnerable people. There should always be a person there to look after vulnerable people.”

“The safety of our guests and our team, has always been, and remains, our number one priority and we continually review our safety and security procedures to ensure our customers and staff remain safe. Following the concern over alleged increases in spiking in clubs and bars, we have enhanced our measures to include reminding customers about “Ask Angela”, offering drink protectors including spikeys and scrunchies, and we also have Guest Support colleagues available to support any guests that are feeling vulnerable or unwell. These team members are easily identifiable, as they wear a neon armband. We have enhanced security checks on our door, and we ask guests remain vigilant and report any unusual or suspicious behaviour to one of our team immediately.”

Spokesperson for Walkabout,

The ‘Girls Night In’ movement is calling for a number of steps to be implemented including comprehensive bystander training of staff, for clubs to have a welfare officer, to make anti-spiking devices available and a clearly defined procedure on how to reporting spiking.

Walkabout’s measures include the “Ask Angela” safety initiative, drink protectors, and a member of staff with a neon armband who is there to support people that are vulnerable or unwell.

“The safety and wellbeing of our guests is our number one priority. This means ensuring our teams are vigilant, our guests know who to speak to if they feel unsafe or unwell, and we all work together to call out those who behave inappropriately or suspiciously.”

“Our fully trained and licensed door staff routinely search guests as they enter, and we are increasing these in light of recent press reports. We enforce a strict zero-tolerance policy to abusive behaviour and have CCTV coverage throughout our bars. Our bar teams regularly remove unattended drinks, and we ensure our management and door teams are trained to identify and support vulnerable guests. Everyone is committed to creating a positive, enjoyable environment and our management teams work continuously with other venues, local authorities and police on initiatives to ensure a safe nightlife.”

Spokesperson for Revolution.

Revolution’s measures include CCTV coverage, searches upon entry, and training for management and door staff to support vulnerable guests.

Mosh’s measures include the “Ask Angela” safety initiative, drink protectors, and a medically trained staff on hand.

Toby Cray is a final-year journalism student and the magazine’s Vice President. You can find him on Twitter here.

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