Victim First provides wellbeing support in Leicester

Student safety and wellbeing is a big concern when moving to university, for guardians and parents of young people, as well as for students themselves. Like anyone, students may become a victim of or witness crime at any time in their lives. It is hard to know what to do and how to deal with such events. However, it is reassuring to know that there are organisations out there that can be a comforting ear when we are most in need. This is what Victim First (VF) do.

Victim First are an independently run organisation who offer a free, confidential service to victims and witnesses of crime. The organization is commissioned by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicestershire (OPCC) and cover the Leicester, Leicestershire, and Rutland area.

Below are some of the ways that the Victim First case workers and team help young people and adults every day.

Restorative Justice

This is a voluntary process facilitating discussion between the perpetrator of a crime and the victim of a crime. The aim of restorative justice for the victim is working towards closure and moving forward from the incident. The process also gives people the chance to ask questions and discuss with the harm that the perpetrator caused by their actions.

For the perpetrator, restorative justice is a chance to learn and make lasting changes. It provides an opportunity to talk to the victim and heal any harm they have done.

Domestic and Sexual Abuse Support

Victim First support and help victims of domestic abuse and sexual abuse. They do this through offering both practical and emotional support. One of the practical ways in which they offer support is through connecting victims with the appropriate services for their crime case. They also provide personal alarms and door alarms to help victims feel safer.

Awareness Weeks and University Drop-Ins

VF back several awareness campaigns such as anti-bullying week and mental health awareness week. VF hold drop-ins at the University of Leicester for students to access advice.

Infographic containing dates and times of Victim First drop-ins at the University of Leicester, on the second floor of the Percy Gee building. They run from 12pm to 4pm on the last Friday of each month during term time. The dates are: Friday 29th Oct, Friday 26th Nov, Friday 28th Jan, Friday 25th Feb, Friday 25th March, Friday 27th May. Find out more at: Leicester Students' Union and Victim First logos at the bottom of the infographic.
Date and time of Victim First drop-in sessions at the University of Leicester. Source: Victim First.

Contact Victim First

The Victim First website and helpline (0800 953 9595) are the first ports of call for advice and seeking support from a caseworker.

The Victim First Instagram and Twitter social media accounts display a range of facts, infographics, and information on upcoming events.

Some of VF’s most recent posts include infographics and advice on spiking, which is on the rise.

For more information about how Victim First facilitate restorative justice, visit this page.

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Avid veggie looking to gain some experience in blogging and writing to enhance my work prospects and share my opinions!

Chloe Kite

Avid veggie looking to gain some experience in blogging and writing to enhance my work prospects and share my opinions!

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