On the first day of campaigning, a Google search has found that parts of Syed Ali’s manifesto are plagiarised. Some paragraphs have been lifted from a manifesto on the University of Gloucestershire Students’ Union (SU) website, and some parts bear close resemblance.

Highlighted in yellow in the PDF below are the parts that are identical or very similar to Syed Ali’s manifesto.

The Leicester SU Voice Team, who manage the SU Executive Election, said: “Early on Friday morning, concerns around plagiarism and Syed’s manifesto were raised by a couple [of] people. This was very unexpected and we do not have rules around this, however, we flagged this to Syed as he may receive complaints.

“We hope students will read manifestos fully, take everyone’s into account, and use their judgement when casting their vote.”

Syed Ali claims that the file was incorrectly uploaded, however, this was spotted once the manifesto submission deadline had passed: “…the file has not been uploaded correctly in first go and by that time I upload the correct file the deadline was passed.”

Dear Zainab Patel,

Thank you for your email!

There are certain points which I would like to highlight on your statement.

Firstly, I appreciate if you could describe the student's name where have you found my manifesto has been plagiarised. Secondly If it is so I would like to tell you that the file has not been uploaded correctly in first go and by that time I upload the correct file the deadline was passed. 

And I have already notified student union about the case where I have taken some points from google search engine which I liked it personally to run a role for president election.

My comments on the article would be:


My manifesto's line might be plagiarised, but I am not.
Manifesto file wasn't uploaded correctly at the first go by that time we have revised it the deadline was passed.
As being a new student standing for the prestigious role like president itself is a challenge for me in a very short time of two months from the day of enrolment in the university of Leicester.
If I hurt anyone sentiments, my apologize for them.
However, I Kindly request your support for my success to win the election.
@Patel, Zainab I would also request you to upload a correct file which I have attached in the same email with my comments on the article which you will be publishing.


Syed Ali Pasha Quadri 

Course Representative 

International Management
Syed Ali’s full comment via email.

In large, bold, italicised lettering, his statement declares, “PLAGIARISED!!! BUT I AM NOT.” The new manifesto attached to the email is still plagiarised.

He apologises: “If I hurt anyone sentiments, my apologize for them.”

“However, I Kindly request your [LSM] support for my success to win the election.”

LSM will remain impartial throughout SU Executive Election coverage.

Syed Ali remains a candidate for President in the SU Executive Election.

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Image: Grace Robinson, for Leicester Student Magazine.

Zainab Patel is a final-year Medical Physiology Student from Leicester. She has a passion for all things science and technology, crime novels and plants. Find her on Twitter: @zainabbpatell or Instagram: @zainabb_patell.