Voting is now open for the Leicester Students’ Union Executive Election. Voting closes on 11th March 2022 at 12pm, with results announced the same day at 6pm. All candidate manifestos can be read here and you can vote here.

The single transferable voting system is used, where the voter ranks candidates by preference; ‘1’ indicates first choice. Votes can only be cast for liberation roles if students self-identify with the group.

Below are the names of all candidates running for each full-time and part-time officer role.

Full-time role: President

  • Syed Ali Pasha Quadri
  • Shahbaaz Kiani
  • Rhiannon Jenkins

Full-time role: Education Officer

  • AnneMarie Deeb
  • Chenghao Xing

Full-time role: Wellbeing Officer

  • Iona Wagg
  • Sam Bouch
  • Bianca Semczuk
  • Jade Thomas
  • Hoor Pathan

Full-time role: Liberation Officer

  • Nic Farmer
  • Sri Krishna Chaitanya

Full-time role: Activities Officer

  • Rishika Reddy Madduri
  • Ella Johnson
  • Johnson Rayadu
  • Jack McDonald

Full-time role: Sports Officer

  • Archie Robinson
  • Casey Manning
  • Kieran Adams

Part-time role: Trans and Non-binary Officer

  • Ashton Mallard

Part-time role: Mature & Part Time Students’ Officer

  • Trisha Spencer
  • Trushti Shah
  • Niyamath Uddin Shaik
  • Rohan Ananthula
  • Mohammed Ishaq

Part-time role: International Students’ Officer

  • Sai Geethanjali

Part-time role: Accessibility Officer

  • Adam Morgan

Part-time role: LGBT+ Officer

  • Jade Rowe

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Zainab Patel is a final year Medical Physiology Student from Leicester. She has a passion for all things science and technology, crime novels and plants. Find her on Twitter: @zainabbpatell or Instagram: @zainabb_patell.