Hoor Pathan is a final-year Law student running for Wellbeing Officer.

During her involvement in local politics, she has built a “strong relationship with the Leicester City Council, working alongside the Leicester city major and with local MP John Ashworth.” If elected, she intends to reach out to these contacts to address student well-being “not just at the university, but on a citywide level, on a national level.”

Pathan wants to empower students to call out the university, politicians and members of the SU on what changes are needed, and to make sure that what they say feeds into policy making.

“Whether that’s venting their frustrations at what the Union isn’t doing or isn’t getting right for them, or whether that’s praise about things that they really like at the union. I’d really like to hear it all and I really like to hear from them what they want.”

Discussing her ‘Text-me-Tuesday’ initiative: “It’s not about me imposing changes, it’s about first listening to what students want. Listening to it all.”

This is an idea that allows students to text the SU about “any concerns they have, any ideas they have, or any kind of information they want to relay back in a very informal manner.”

If nominated, Pathan pledges to use what she has learned from her work experience to give financial support through: educating and listening to students, setting up a student food bank and creating a Housing Index with the aim of giving students reassurance over their finances.  

Pathan wants to bring in “those who have both lived experience of benefiting from these organisations, but also those who work in these organisations,” especially those from “minority backgrounds, from underrepresented backgrounds and from various liberation groups.”

Many of Pathan’s policies relate to student finance.

“Students are left very much to their own with student finances, and I think that hinders and overshadows the university experience for a lot of young people…The pandemic has stretched wallets uncomfortably. I can relate to this and I don’t pay rent!”

In regards to de-stigmatising mental health conditions and initiating open conversation around wellbeing, Pathan says: “I want to support all student groups- those from LGBTQI background, with disabilities. I want to support students in general to make sure that campus is a place where they feel comfortable, but also a place where they feel safe and happy.”

“I think Karli did an amazing job previously in this.”

This would include “sensory-friendly events [and] non-drinking socials because I think that you should not be limited or feel like you have to go along to event just because it’s the only offering.”

Pathan recognises that emailing students is not always the best way of communicating. She discusses the importance of “being quite creative in things like social media and utilising the Student magazine,” and “listening students about how they want to be communicated [with].”

“I think it’s much easier sending a text or a DM or a message on WhatsApp than it is to come and speak someone in office in front of everyone.”

All candidate manifestos can be read here.

Vote on the SU website here. Voting closes at 12pm on Friday 11th March 2022.

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Bronwyn Telford is a second-year Geography student with an enthusiasm for live music, BBC crime dramas, women’s fiction and global affairs. She is most looking forward to networking with student groups to support student well-being whilst at university. You can find her on LinkedIn: @Bronwyn Telford.