Leicester Student Magazine has found four Mature Students’ Officer election manifestos to include passages from manifestos on four different Students’ Unions (SU) websites.

Trisha Spencer is the only remaining candidate running for Mature Students’ Officer that does not appear to have plagiarised their manifesto. 

This comes in light of the news that Syed Ali, candidate for President in the SU Executive Election, plagiarised his manifesto last week.

Some parts have been directly lifted out of the original manifesto, while some bear close resemblance.

The PDFs below show which passages have been plagiarised; passages highlighted in yellow appear in Mohammed Ishaq’s manifesto, green in Rohan Ananthulan’s manifesto, turquoise in Niyamath Uddin Shaik’s manifesto, and grey in Trushti Shah’s manifesto.

Some candidates plagiarise from more than one SU manifesto.

The table below shows which source(s) each candidate has plagiarised from.

A 5 by 5 table, with 'SU Source,' 'Mohammed Ishaq,' Niyamath Uddin Shaik,' and 'Trushti Shah' typed in the cells at the top of each column. That text is in bold. The cells in the column called 'SU Source' reads: 'Greenwich SU,' 'Strath Union,' 'SOAS Union,' and 'Warwick SU.' The cells in the column called 'Mohammed Ishaq' reads: Yes, yes, yes, no; the 'yes' are highlighted yellow. The cells in the column called 'Rohan Ananthulan' reads: Yes, no, no, yes; the 'yes' are highlighted bright green. The cells in the column called 'Rohan Ananthulan' reads: Yes, no, no, yes; the 'yes' are highlighted bright green. The cells in the column called 'Niyamath Uddin Shaik' reads: No, no, no, yes; the 'yes' are highlighted turquoise. The cells in the column called 'Trushti Shah' reads: No, no, no, yes; the 'yes' are highlighted grey.

Ananthulan, Shaik and Shah have identical pledges copied from Selina Noakes’ Warwick SU manifesto, with Shaik and Ananthulan copying a further paragraph from this manifesto.

Ananthulan and Ishaq have both copied from Keira Johnson’s Greenwich SU manifesto, with Ishaq also lifting parts of two other manifestos.

The Leicester SU Voice Team, who manage the SU Executive Election, said: “Each election period, elected students on Scrutiny Committee approve rules and the timetable.

“Copying/plagiarism has never been a specified rule but given the activity in this election, it will be brought to the committee for their consideration in future elections.

“While we do encourage sharing of best practice within the student movement, it is usual for candidates to adopt ideas to meet the needs of Leicester students.”

Ananthulan, Shaik and Ishaq and Shah did not respond to our request for comment. All four students remain candidates for Mature Students’ Officer in the SU Executive Election.

This article is part of a series of articles covering the SU Executive Election. You can view all articles here.

Image: Ellie Fleury.

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