Rhiannon Jenkins Rhi-elected as President: “I am very excited to do the job again.”

Rhiannon Jenkins is re-elected as the Students’ Union (SU) President.

The SU announced the results of the Executive Election on Friday 11th March at 6pm at the Percy Gee Square on campus.

Addressing the audience: “First, thank you to Syed and Shahbaaz, and thank you to the other candidates as well. Last year, doing isolation online was tough.

“I am very excited to do the job again.”

Rhiannon Jenkins, on being re-elected as SU President.

Winners for other full-time roles are as follows: AnneMarie Deeb for Education officer; Hoor Pathan for Wellbeing Officer; Nic Farmer for Liberation Officer; Jack McDonald for Activities Officer and Archie Robinson for Sports Officer.

“Thanks to the entire Students’ Union and the students who voted,” Jenkins said.

“It’s wonderful to know that I’m going to work with a brilliant officer team.”

When asked what her hopes for next year are, Jenkins said: “Completing my manifesto! I just hope we can recover properly after COVID and just have a lot of fun and support students.”

Jenkins won against Shahbaaz Kiani and Syed Ali, the latter of whom was found to have plagiarised his manifesto.

Leicester Student Magazine handed out awards for Best Interview to AnneMarie Deeb and Best Speaker at our Live Event to Archie Robinson.

The newly elected part-time officers are: Ashton Mallard for Trans and Non-binary Officer; Trisha Spencer for Mature & Part Time Students’ Officer; Sai Geethanjali for International Students’ Officer; Adz Morgan for Accessibility Officer and Jade Rowe for LGBT+ Officer.

This article is part of a series of articles covering the SU Executive Election. You can view all articles here.

Image: Leicester Students Union.

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