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The deadline has passed, however you can join Innova Society, Plan-it Change and other project teams who are working on SEED projects. Find their details on the Students’ Union website. If you are not a final year student, this information will be helpful to you if you want funds for a project idea you have for next year!

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SEED is an opportunity to get funding of up to £500 to lead and work on a sustainable project to make a positive impact. These projects will need to relate to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. As a follow-up to my previous article about why sustainability is important and how you can be more sustainable, I would like to bring your attention to the Sustainable Enterprise and Environmental Development fund – or SEED for short. This is a joint University and Student Union concept, in which students were able to apply for up to £500 to work on a sustainable project. There is a total of £2000 available.

SEED is a chance for students to enhance problem solving, teamwork, and communication skills. I believe putting yourself in scenarios which are out of your comfort zone forces you to develop a multitude of skills. As a student at Leicester, I have taken a lot of opportunities to put myself out there. For example, I was a course representative in my first year, I was a peer mentor in my second and third year, and I have been on the committee of five different societies including the Leicester Student Magazine. I enjoy being an active participant in student life and all of these roles have been a huge benefit to myself as a student and a professional.

SEED is another opportunity in which you can take part in meaningful work and lead on sustainable projects by yourself, as a team, or as part of a society. Societies which are currently applying for SEED funding include Innova Society and Plan-It Change Society. This opportunity will allow you to develop employability skills and manage your project’s budget.

Previous projects from students are Rewild UoL, Airsoft Pellet Project, and Bike Safety Project. Rewild UoL biodiversified plain grass areas and turned them into habitat rich areas. The waste from plastic pellets would end up in general waste, however the Airsoft Pellet Project saw the plastic recycled into things like stationary and frisbees. The third project aimed to safekeep and reduce bike crime by running awareness events and installing bike racks. The SEED fund opportunity allows you to expand your network and liaise with the University, the Students’ Union and, if your project requires it, local businesses and/or the local council.

The key contact is the Social Impact Team Email: socialimpact@le.ac.uk.

Zainab Bikar is a final year Mechanical Engineering student and former LSM President. Her interests span from engineering to journalism, and she is currently looking to continue her education at a London University. You can find her on all social platforms @zainabbikar.

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