Freshers 2022: A Local’s Favourite Places in Leicester

I have lived in Leicester for almost my entire life, minus my first three months in Lincoln where I was born. I’ve seen Leicester unearth a dead king under a car park, win the Premier League, and have visited New Walk Museum more times than I can count. I’ve been to my fair share of cafés and restaurants and everywhere else Leicester has to offer, and here are some of my favourites.

1. Fox Books

This is central Leicester’s only independent bookstore and it is my favourite place. As an English student, bookshops are always my safe haven, so when I heard about Fox Books, I had never been more excited for a shop to open in my life.  

Fox Books has a relaxed and calming atmosphere in comparison to Waterstones. You’re usually the only person in the shop, and I find that I’m not overwhelmed by the number of books that are on display. If you struggle to find the bookyou’re looking for on the shop floor, just ask the shopkeeper, he’ll order it for you there and then and it will be ready to pick up the next day.  

Fox Books is the place to go to find the perfect book.

2. &Kith

&Kith is also a new café that has opened recently and I absolutely love it. I’ve taken myself on a few solo dates there, enjoying a hot chocolate and milk cake.

It’s a very aesthetically pleasing café with a range of hot and cold drinks along with patisserie to complement alongside it. It’s a perfect place to relax, read a book or study for that final exam.

3. Lay Tea

This is THE place to go for your bubble tea!

Lay Tea has a wide range of milk teas, fruit teas and specials to choose from, from Brown Sugar Milk Tea to a Mango Tropical.  

I always take a trip to Lay Tea whenever I’m in town because it’s always a special treat for myself.  My go-to drinks is usually something with Oreo, either the Oreo Cream Foam Milk Tea or the Oreo Cheesecake Milk Tea, as I’m a sucker for it. The Cheesecake Milk Tea is something that I really love because firstly, they are like nothing I have tried before and secondly, they give me that sugar kick that I love with Bubble Tea. 

Lay Tea also offers staple drinks, such as Brown Sugar Milk Tea or Crème Brûlée Milk Tea.

There is also a big cuddly teddy bear you can hug whilst waiting for your bubble tea.

Image: Visit Leicester

Grace is a third year English student from Leicester. She has a passion for books, writing and food. She enjoys talking about books on her blog A Book Stereotype and her YouTube Channel. When she isn’t reading or doing uni work, she’ll most likely be sleeping.

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