A burdened birthright

I struggle to grasp if this is even real?

To come and go like the seasons

Where you constantly appeal

To regain your lost freedom

Amidst a world that has lost the ability to feel

Nor see injustice that is clearer than the air it breathes

A little boy is dragged out of his family home as he squeals

As his mother’s hand swells up from the extent to which it was squeezed

His vicious crime was not that of murder, malice, or evil

He was just born in a land where children are born as victims

In court, the extremity of his illegal crime was very simple

The judge’s gavel banged due to the boy’s biggest offense, his existence

Written by: Ayham is a first-year Law LLB student from Jerusalem, Palestine. He uses writing as a way to cope with the reality that surrounds him, especially that of the plight of his people, the Palestinian people. Find him on Instagram: @ayhxm

Photography by: Sophia Stern is a third-year study abroad student from Boulder, Colorado, majoring in Journalism and Media Communications with a minor in Global Environmental Sustainability. Her main areas of media and journalism interest include photojournalism and environmental journalism. She also enjoys drawing, hiking, and is an equestrian who competes competitively in Colorado. You can find her on Instagram at @sfstern_photo and YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_va7lYEmYAjRjjSMvlZNXw . Along with those, visit her website, https://lensofwander26.wordpress.com/, to see the many images, digital media, and articles she has produced.

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