Happy Isn’t Always Loud

Happy isn’t always loud. Enough to be

Joy-filled. Quiet isn’t always secret.

Absence isn’t always there to see

Black streaked through lovers’ rainbow made to fit.

In here, in the silence that matters most

One voice can become the world. Damn the world,

It can become enough. An endless coast.

Two pastels can complement when unfurled.

Sometimes hidden, but smiling makes no sound.

Hearts are like water. It’s better once you’re in.

No one gets to share this proof around.

The joyful make mockery of the din.

The love of shadows needs no arrow nocked.

Only warm looks. And the front door unlocked.

Writer: Lorna Fraser is a Museum Studies MA student from Glasgow. She mainly writes fiction, but can find time for many kinds of storytelling, from poetry to acting to dancing in her kitchen. Find her on Twitter: @sing-o-clio

Photographer: Sophia Stern is a third-year study abroad student from Boulder, Colorado, majoring in Journalism and Media Communications with a minor in Global Environmental Sustainability. Her main areas of media and journalism interest include photojournalism and environmental journalism. She also enjoys drawing, hiking, and is an equestrian who competes competitively in Colorado. You can find her on Instagram at @sfstern_photo and YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_va7lYEmYAjRjjSMvlZNXw . Along with those, visit her website, https://lensofwander26.wordpress.com/, to see the many images, digital media, and articles she has produced.

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