Review: Pizza Punks Goes Plant-Based

Veganuary might be over, but vegan alternatives certainly aren’t.

Whether you’re a devout vegan or trying to cut down on your dairy intake for environment, ethical or health reasons, Pizza Punks (situated in the heart of the city centre) offers an excellent, specially curated vegan menu.

The San-Franciscan sourdough pizza restaurant has partnered up with award-winning alcohol brand, Panther M*lk. For a limited time only, there are two new plant-based options to try on top of the usual large cocktail offering: The White Panther and The Punk Panther.

The White Panther combines Panther M*lk’s classic vanilla flavour with coffee liqueur, oat milk and chocolate. The combination of flavours almost gives it a hazelnut vibe with a definite alcoholic kick.

Similarly, The Punk Panther combines Panther M*lk strawberry, white chocolate, topped with fresh strawberries – in case coffee isn’t your thing. Just like The White Panther, this combination of flavours gives a sweet tang, without the sickly feeling that lots of cocktails dance the line with.

Left to Right: The White Panther pairs Panther M*lk’s classic vanilla flavour with coffee liqueur, oat milk and chocolate. The Punk Panther will satisfy any sweet tooth, with Panther M*lk strawberry, white chocolate, topped with fresh strawberries.

Pizza Punks’ vegan options don’t stop there. Their menu boasts a wide variety of vegan options (as well as vegan alternatives) to ensure you can still enjoy the Punk experience, no matter what.

A third of their starters are vegan alternatives to classic dishes – meaning that you enjoy to your heart’s content. The Vegan Mac N’ Cheese cannot be hyped up enough. If you don’t agree with dairy, or dairy doesn’t agree with you, it is all of the deliciousness without the stress or the tummy ache. A true feat.

Left to Right: Vegan Mac N’ Cheese – made with house made vegan cheese sauce. Garlic Sourdough – seasoned with sea salt and rosemary.

Similarly, the Garlic Sourdough is easily one of the best garlic breads that Leicester’s restaurants has to offer. Competition is welcome, but this bad boy takes first place. Easily. It’s fluffy, well seasoned, and cooked to perfection (so much so that I regret sharing it with the others.)

Pizza Punks’ Create your own designed to let you create your own perfect pizza (or pasta), with as many toppings you like for one price.

In addition to the starters, Pizza Punks offers 14 different pizzas, as well as a Create Your Own option that sets them above the rest. The cherry on top is the flat fee – meaning, you can put as much or as little as you want on it and only pay £12. You can also have it topped with vegan mozzarella at no extra cost!

Pizza Punks say: “Our sourdough is made using a mature starter culture / handmade in house daily & proofed for at least 48 hours for maximum flavour” and it really shows.

Left to Right: Blue Monday – a pineapple infused tequila, combined with curaçao, lime, passion fruit, and chilli salt. Coconut Mojito – a coconut infused rum with mint, lime, and soda.

Pizza Punks don’t half-ass anything – and that courtesy is extended to their cocktail menu. They offer a whopping 18 different cocktails, as well as 7 different mocktails (which aren’t just Fancy Juice™ that most places offer.) In addition to this, their happy hour breadth is insane. Running from Sunday-Friday 12pm-6pm and 9pm-10pm as well as Saturday – 12pm-4pm & 9pm-11pm, Pizza Punks is truly a student friendly venue.

Although Pizza Punks might be on the smaller side of the restaurants that Highcross has to offer, their optimisation of space and decor more than makes up for it. Decorated with plenty of greenery, pizza-themed neon lights, and softer lighting than most eateries, Pizza Punks knows their target audience well.

Photography by Iona Wagg and Ella Johnson

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