Recent poll finds Labour and Lib Dems dominant among young adult voting intentions

Young adults are over ten times more likely to vote for Labour than the Conservative Party at the next general election, a recent poll finds.

A recently conducted poll with students across the country found 47% of voters aged between 16-24 said they would intend to vote for Keir Starmer’s party if there were a General Election tomorrow, while just 4% indicated their desire to cross the box for the Tories.

Minor parties shared a high proportion of the vote, with the Liberal Democrats and Green Party picking up 31% and 18% respectively, significantly higher than the 11.6% and 2.6% both parties picked up in 2019. 

One Midlands-based student, Charlotte, sees the Lib Dems as the best option for the future: “I feel that both Labour and Conservatives have week policies.

“Both have been in power or opposition for too long. [The Liberal Democrats] would best stand a chance in negotiations with the EU. 

“For me to vote for the Tories, they would have to return to classic conservative economic policy, which is unlikely.” 

The Conservatives have been in Government for the past 12 years, with Rishi Sunak becoming the fifth Prime Minister in that time in October.

Law student Sam, however, believes that the Tories are the ones best suited to save the economy, “I’m confident that [Sunak] can bring the GBP back up and return Britain to where it should be.”

He theorises that social environment is a major reason that so few young people opt to vote conservative: “Colleges and universities purvey a heavy far left agenda. 

“You either go with the grain [left] or are shunned and labelled. 

“We should always seek to promote a healthy debate between peers.” 

With recent polling figures expecting a Labour landslide at the next General Election, Conservatives will need to regain support from across the country – especially from young people – in order to stand a chance.

Kieran Williams is a second year BA Journalism student from Cornwall. He is interested in the social and political aspects of journalism, especially regarding their impacts on young people. He also enjoys writing about travel and sports.

Poll conducted and completed by Kieran Williams. Feature image: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg.

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