Leicester Students March With Arch: Sports Officer Elected SU President

Archie Robinson has been elected as the next Students’ Union (SU) President.

The SU announced the results of the Executive Elections on Friday 10th March at the SU Square in the Percy Gee Building.

This election period saw the biggest voter turnout in a decade, with 3307 students having their say on who will represent them across all aspects of the student experience next academic year.

Addressing the audience, Archie said: “Last year, I nearly pulled out of going for Sports Officer, so, to now to be President is just amazing.”

“Thank you to everyone who voted and everyone who marched with Arch for a second time.”

Meanwhile, Prachi Bhatt replaces AnneMarie Deeb as Education Officer; Jade Thomas replaces Nic Farmer as Liberation Officer; Jack McDonald returns for a second term as Activities Officer; Joe Hyett replaces the incoming President as Sports Officer and Hoor Pathan retains her Wellbeing Officer role for a second term.

Incoming SU President, Archie Robinson, pictured with outgoing President, Rhiannon Jenkins.

Jade Thomas, who ran a campaign for Wellbeing Officer last year and served as BAME Officer for two years, thanked her campaign team and expressed that “this was a long time coming.”

“I hope I can do half as well as Nic [Farmer, current Liberation Officer] has done in the role”

Returning Activities Officer, Jack McDonald, kept his speech short and sweet, simply saying: “thank you.”

Joe Hyett joked: “Probably about time to say I’m only here for the free booze and the free food.”

“Thank you to everyone who voted for me, thank you to everyone who endorsed me.”

Finally, returning Wellbeing Officer, Hoor, thanked the SU Voice Team for “checking in” on the candidates during the course of election week.

She also gave a “special thank you” to her brother, who was an integral part of her campaign team.

Prachi Bhatt was not in attendance, but told Leicester Student Magazine that she is “excited, grateful and looking forward to the role” as Education Officer.

The newly elected Part-Time Officers are as follows: Anuvinda Thangavelu as International Students’ Officer; Ruchita Doddamani as Women’s Officer; Sheeba Asad as Distance Learning Officer and Haleigh Gregory as BAME Officer.

Positions for Trans and Non-Binary Officer, LGBT+ Officer, Mature & Part Time Students’ Officer, Accessibility Officer, Postgraduate Officer, and the newly-created Sustainability Officer remain unfilled, pending by-elections in the next academic year.

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Feature Image: Harry Featherston

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