Students stand AGAINST UCU action in landmark vote

Students at the University of Leicester have voted against Students’ Union support of the UCU marking and assessment boycott, signifying a notable turning point in student opinion.

The poll results were verified on the evening of Tuesday 18 April and indicate that, of 320 student voters, 174 (54.4%) were against supporting this UCU action.

Meanwhile, 110 (34.4%) voted to stand with UCU’s strike action, leaving just 36 (11.3%) in favour of SU neutrality on this issue.

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In an infographic shared on Wednesday 19 April, Leicester Union stated: “Historically, students have voted in favour of supporting UCU and industrial action taken.

“However, this specific action our members have voted ‘Against’ and therefore the SU will not be supporting this action like we have in recent months.”

The last student vote, taken in November 2022, saw 62% of “323 verified student voters” opt to stand with UCU members taking industrial action.

The announcement continues to assure students that the SU will “work closely to mitigate the impact on students.”

Students are encouraged to “continue to revise and prepare to do your best in your assessments as you normally would,” with examinations and assessments expected to take place as currently planned.

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However, many students remain confused and unclear as to how this marking and assessment boycott – which commenced on Thursday 20 April – will impact their results, progression or graduation.

One student shares: “I have no idea how long this boycott is going to take place for or how this is going to influence the completion of my degree.

“This news is causing a lot of anxiety for a lot of students. We already have enough to worry about without this on top.”

The SU are due to release an information pack on Friday 21 April which is set to “support those impacted.” Students are encouraged to get in touch with the SU Advice Service with any queries regarding the boycott.

Leicester UCU were contacted for comment but LSM are yet to receive a response.

The University will be providing compensation to those whose education is impacted by the strikes, with a deadline of 4 May 2023.

Ella Johnson is an English graduate and postgraduate student, studying MA Digital Media & Society. She enjoys keeping up with pop culture and is particularly interested in the complex relationship between media consumption and mental health. Find her on Instagram here and Twitter here.

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