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Written by Luke Bailey I want to go for a drive. But I can’t, I don’t own a car. I want to sit behind the wheel and blast my way down a motorway. In any direction so long as it’s away. But I can’t, there’s a pandemic raging.  I want to lose myself to the music blaring out of tinny car speakers, as I leave everything behind me. But I can’t. I could just get up, right now as I write this, and go. I could disappear off the face of the earth for a week. Or more. But I can’t. My housemate would worry. I can’t just disappear.  I wish I could drive as far as possible, and then still keep going. Driving until I am hidden in the midst of the Scottish Highlands. I would be untraceable, uncontactable. I would be free. Just a few days without the constant pressure pushing me back down. But I can’t.  I could immerse myself in books and music and the beauty of the wilderness. I could walk among the trees and the …

The Bay

Written by Elena Vague On my skin I collect the sun rays browsing a cold wind with lips so loud tasting sea salt drips splashes of water on my face through my colourful sweater down low shore attacked me like vendetta unwelcoming gravel seems dark echo of night dissolved the sight so quiet my warm sweater felt tight and I remember so well you handed a blueprint turn back sea dragged me back in the light of your cigar led no one to shore unbearable anger with no why up high I can hear an immersing cry Elena Vague is a first year Psychology student with the interest for a literature and creative writing. You can find her on Instagram here: @elena.vague Feature Photo by Adrianna Calvo from Pexels