Leicester Students March With Arch: Sports Officer Elected SU President

Archie Robinson has been elected as the next Students’ Union (SU) President. The SU announced the results of the Executive

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Leicester UCU Calls Upon Vice-Chancellor to be a ‘Real Citizen of Change’

Leicester UCU’s Dr Joseph Choonara called upon Vice-Chancellor Nishan Canagarajah to act as a ‘real Citizen of Change’ during a Students’ Union-hosted panel debate last Monday.

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Enough is Enough: Leicester’s Demonstration Against the Cost of Living Crisis

“A real pay rise, slash energy bills, end food poverty, decent homes for all and tax the rich.” 

You’d be forgiven for thinking that isn’t too much to ask, especially considering the UK has one of the richest economies in the world. 

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BREAKING NEWS: Plagiarised passages found in four Mature Students’ Officer manifestos

Four out of five Mature Students’ Officer election manifestos are plagiarised; passages are taken from manifestos on four different Students’ Unions (SU) websites.

This comes in light of the news that Syed Ali, candidate for President in the SU Executive Election, plagiarised his manifesto last week.

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