Galaxy Radio

Galaxy Radio is a cheerful and energetic radio station that broadcasts directly from the University of Leicester.
By offering opportunities for students to present and participate in radio shows, we hope to highlight perspectives from across the institution’s diverse student population while also honouring the rich tradition of student-led media at the university.

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How to write a pitch for Radio

Pitches should be no more than 150 words, so make sure you get right to the point. It does not have to be perfect! We are more interested in your idea than the quality of your pitch.

Cover all or most of the below guidelines:

  1. Your idea:
    • Include a possible name for your segment.
    • Tell us a rough idea of what you wish to broadcast, whether it be centered around music, student life, contemporary issues, or comedy.
    • You may want to provide an outline of what format you wish to present in, e.g., interview, podcasting.
    • If you plan on having a co-host or doing it solo?
    • If you are conducting interview styles? Do you need assistance making contact? What people are you hoping to contact?
    • How often you wish to be broadcast, e.g., weekly, or monthly?
    • How long of a timeframe you will need and what time would you like to broadcast?
  1. Why you want to contribute to the radio:
    • Why do you care about this?
    • Show how passionate you are about this project.
  1. Consider the audience:
    • Show that you understand who LSM’s audience are
    • How will your show align with the wants of our audience?

Please bear in mind that there are only so many hours that we will be able to broadcast so you might not be able to get your desired slots if they are already filled, as well as the length of time you request.

Contact details


Instagram: galaxyradio.leicester

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