Do you have an idea? 

Write for us
  • We accept submissions for all categories found on the home page.
  • We welcome any student to submit pieces. You can be a one-off contributor or a regular member.
  • As a regular contributor, you will be required to purchase a society membership which costs £2.50 per year. This can be done on the Student Union website.
  • No experience required to write for us – we hope to work with you to develop your writing, and membership includes invites to workshops and talks from industry professionals.

Pitches should be no more than 150 words, so make sure you get right to the point. It does not have to be perfect! We are more interested in your idea rather than the quality of your pitch. If you write for us regularly, you will improve your pitch-writing skills. Cover all or most of the below guidelines: 

1. Your idea: 

  •  Include a possible title- don’t worry if you are not 100% happy with it yet.
  • Tell us which section your article will belong to: News, Features, Arts and Culture, Lifestyle, Opinion or unsure.
  • Provide an elevator pitch of what your article will be about. 
  • You may want to provide an outline of how you will structure your article. 
  • Will you conduct interviews or ask people for comment? Who will you contact? 
  • Some of your sources.
  • Any pictures, diagrams or other forms of media you want to include. 

2. Why you want to write this article: 

  • Why do you care about this? 
  • Why should anyone else care about this issue?

 3. Consider the audience: 

  • Show that you understand who LSM’s audience are
  • How will your article align with our audience?
Word count
  • For most articles, our word count guidelines are 500-words, 600-words, 800-words, and 1000-words.
  • If you believe your submission will be more than 1000-words, please contact us and we would like to discuss it further for a feature piece.
  • There is currently no set word count for fiction and poetry.
Publishing dates
  • Articles are edited and published based on how relevant the topic is and when the article should receive coverage.
  • Articles deemed necessary and/or urgent by the editorial board will be published as a priority
  • We also regularly have articles of the same topic published across a given month (e.g. February Pride Month)
What to email us

Send roughly 150-words pitching your idea for an article and your full name and course to

Email etiquette

To send from: We recommend you use your university email to send emails to Leicester Student Magazine

To send to: lsm@leicesterstudent

In the email subject, please write “PITCH” in capital letters followed by the category you’re submitting to. For example, “PITCH – SPORTS.“

Our contact details
  • Email:
  • Instagram/Facebook/Twitter: @uolstudentmag
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