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Do you have an idea? 

Write for us

  • We accept submissions for all categories found on the home page.
  • We welcome any student to submit pieces. You can be a one-off contributor or a regular member.
  • As a regular contributor, you will be required to purchase a society membership which costs £2.50 per year. This can be done on the Student Union website.
  • No experience required to write for us – we hope to work with you to develop your writing, and membership includes invites to workshops and talks from industry professionals.

Word count

  • For most articles, our word count guidelines are 500-words, 600-words, 800-words, and 1000-words.
  • If you believe your submission will be more than 1000-words, please contact us and we would like to discuss it further for a feature piece.
  • There is currently no set word count for fiction and poetry.

Publishing dates

  • Articles are edited and published based on how relevant the topic is and when the article should receive coverage.
  • Articles deemed necessary and/or urgent by the editorial board will be published as a priority
  • We also regularly have articles of the same topic published across a given month (e.g. February Pride Month).

What to email us?

  • Send roughly 150-words pitching your idea for an article and your full name and course to lsm@leicester.ac.uk.

Email etiquette

  • Email:
    • To send from: We recommend you use your university email to send emails to Leicester Student Magazine
    • To send to: lsm@leicester.ac.uk
  • In the email subject, please write “PITCH” in capital letters followed by the category you’re submitting to. For example, “PITCH – SPORTS.“

Our contact details

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