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Content houses: the business model turning the young, privileged and problematic into social media megastars

TikTok is everywhere. Even if you’re too stubborn to download the app itself, you probably will still have heard of the likes Addison Rae and Charli D’Amilio. Stars of the video-sharing app are making a name for themselves in the ‘real world’, and it’s safe to say that a noticeable amount of popular content creators belong to, or at least used to belong to, a content house.

Let’s Explore Leicester – Estate Agents Edition

Written by Alice Warburton It’s that time of the year again: students rush out in great panic, signing contracts here there and everywhere to secure their dream home for the next year. How do you know who the best estate agents are? Where they operate? If they’re trustworthy? I’m going to list three main agencies below to help get your search started, along with some top tips – contact details will be listed at the end. Please do remember though that every student experience will be different, and so you should go for the one that you feel most comfortable with. Westmanor Student Living Available on London Road and Grange Lane, this estate agent is one to remember due to the variety of properties they offer both in the city centre and near the university. Last year they received 99% positive feedback on all their properties and housed one thousand eight hundred students. Popular properties from them include the brand-new build Queen Elizabeth Apartments on Queens Road, and Lillie House, above Tesco Supermarket next to …