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Can we feel safe again? A student’s response to modern-day spiking

In recent months, there has been a vast rise in reports of women and men being spiked at clubs and venues across the country via hypodermic needles. What felt like freedom to attend clubs again after relaxed COVID restrictions has turned cold and frightening. The daunting reality that we are not safe has hit home once again. 

Trigger and content warnings: This article discusses drugging, needles, spiking and victim blaming in detail. There are minor mentions of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking.

Sounds like a case for AC-12: Cressida Dick and MET Police Corruption

Like most of the nation, I binged-watched Line of Duty, a gripping drama about police corruption. Centred around the investigations of AC-12, an internal anti-corruption unit, Superintendent Hastings is on the lookout for ‘bent coppers.’ The show is a success because the public are intrigued by what goes on behind the scenes of a police force, but also due to the many dramatic scenes. I have not heard of a single person who did not enjoy the show and was not trying to figure out who ‘H’ was. You do have to wonder where Jed Mercurio, the creator of the show, got his inspiration from. While some storylines are inspired by real events, I would have thought a television drama would make things seem worse than reality. However, a report was recently released which branded the Metropolitan Police “institutionally corrupt,” something they deny, of course. So, what was this enquiry all about? Set up in 2013 by Theresa May, the independent enquiry reviewed the investigation of the 1987 murder of Daniel Morgan in a South …