Students Considering Shoplifting to Support Them Through Cost of Living Crisis

StudentBeans conducted a survey in September 2022 with 1,321 students to find out how the Cost of Living crisis is affecting the student body and found that the impact is much worse than expected.

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New to University of Leicester: An International Perspective

As an international student from Canada, pursuing a Criminology MSc in England was a pretty easy decision. I wanted to learn in a new environment and be immersed in a different culture as well. At first, I was confident and excited about studying in a new country. However, that feeling began to dwindle during my first few weeks in Leicester.

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Enough is Enough: Leicester’s Demonstration Against the Cost of Living Crisis

“A real pay rise, slash energy bills, end food poverty, decent homes for all and tax the rich.” 

You’d be forgiven for thinking that isn’t too much to ask, especially considering the UK has one of the richest economies in the world. 

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Democracy is worth more than a lollipop 

Students take for granted that they are given a real influence within the university through SU Executive Elections. The standard practice of offering sweets instead of actual reasons to vote confirms student elections as the exercise in futility people my age believe democracy to be.

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Celebrating Female Leaders in Sport: Conversations with Team Leicester Club Captains

Ahead of Varsity, Cheer and Stunt captain Cleo Moseley spoke to Club Captains Ysabel Wagland from Lacrosse (ULLAX), Alice Bennett from Swimming and Water polo (SWOLO), and Isabelle Scott from Boat Club (UOLBC) to learn about their experiences in sport.

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BREAKING NEWS: Plagiarised passages found in four Mature Students’ Officer manifestos

Four out of five Mature Students’ Officer election manifestos are plagiarised; passages are taken from manifestos on four different Students’ Unions (SU) websites.

This comes in light of the news that Syed Ali, candidate for President in the SU Executive Election, plagiarised his manifesto last week.

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