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Can we feel safe again? A student’s response to modern-day spiking

In recent months, there has been a vast rise in reports of women and men being spiked at clubs and venues across the country via hypodermic needles. What felt like freedom to attend clubs again after relaxed COVID restrictions has turned cold and frightening. The daunting reality that we are not safe has hit home once again. 

Trigger and content warnings: This article discusses drugging, needles, spiking and victim blaming in detail. There are minor mentions of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking.

REVIEW: Dune (2021)

by Auden Chamberlain It is difficult to find any piece of work since 1965 in the science-fiction genre that does not bear a debt to Frank Herbert’s seminal novel Dune. Perhaps the most notable example would be the desert landscapes and “spice mines” of Star Wars (1977), but clear influence can be felt almost anywhere – from Fallout to Game of Thrones. It’s perhaps that legendary status that means Dune has been such a difficult nut for Hollywood to crack, despite its obvious popularity. How do you make something fresh that’s been aped countless times in countless ways? Attempts have been made previously: Alejandro Jodorowsky’s infamously fell apart, leaving a young and precocious David Lynch to pick up the pieces. His effort, released in 1984, came together in such a way that Lynch wanted to remove his name from the credits, and is something he considers a “huge, gigantic sadness in [his] life”. An admittedly terrible adaptation of the book (and one that Lynch contends he had no creative control over), it is still an …